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January Reboot 1.3.22

Stories of orgs and people who have reinvented themselves. Letter from Editor on the reboot, our vision.

February Black Lives Matter 2.7.22

Social Justice and racial reform/reconciliation around the globe

March Hey, Ladies 3.7.22

March 8 is International Women’s Day – this month we commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women

April Earth Day 4.4.22

Coverage of the environmental crisis and work around addressing climate change

May Power Dynamics 5.2.22

Who is shaking up the funding dynamic – orgs, people and foundations who are changing the way we think about nonprofit support


Social Justice/LGBTQIA+

6.6.22 June is Pride Month in the US. How are LGBTQIA+ rights and issues being addressed across the globe?
July The Issues Issue 7.4.22 What are the prevalent issues around the globe and highlight orgs/people addressing them?
August Disaster 8.1.22 Orgs working in the disaster relief space
September Back to School 9.5.22 Schools, orgs, teachers, education spaces in all forms
October Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll 10.3.22 Who are the rock stars affecting positive change in the sex trafficking and drug epidemic areas?
November Hunger 11.7.22 Focus on people and organizations addressing global hunger issues.
December Faith and Philanthropy 12.5.22 An exploration of philanthropy across different religions through Christian, Islamic, Judaic and other faith-based organizations.