The Philanthropy Journal offers unsurpassed storytelling, original reporting, and curation of illuminating conversations from around the globe delivered each week. PJ provides provocative coverage of individuals and organizations whose work is making a positive impact in our communities. We push past the typical nonprofit narrative to help our readers understand the importance of the sector, and their connection to the work, in order to build more engaged communities of support.

By connecting our audiences to this work, our readers have a clearer sense of how the nonprofit sector positively impacts each and every person on this planet.


The Philanthropy Journal (PJ) has served as a highly respected publication for over three decades, with a global audience that spans practitioners, supporters, and academics in the nonprofit space.

PJ began in 1991 as a column in the News & Observer newspaper in Raleigh, North Carolina, by journalist Todd Cohen. Throughout the years, PJ has had several homes as it has grown and evolved. In 2010, PJ was gifted to the Institute for Nonprofits at North Carolina State University (NCSU). In 2012, the PJ staff, including Cohen, departed NCSU.

After a brief hiatus, Sandy Cyr was brought on board to revision PJ and to better integrate it with the Institute and the University. The publication was successfully relaunched and served as a platform for practitioners to be reflective of their work; to share their successes with one another; to learn from one another in order to work towards addressing the challenges our communities face across the globe. PJ provided a space to show how deep and broad the nonprofit sector is, while celebrating the people and organizations who affected positive change.

PJ was shuttered in 2020, leaving a huge gap in resources for the nonprofit sector.

Brought back to life by Earl Bridges and Craig Martin, co-hosts of THE GOOD ROAD, and Sandy Cyr, PJ is a digital and print reboot of weekly philanthropy news and culture at a responsive pace.Through offering the opportunity to be reflective, PJ connects each of us to all the good that is happening worldwide. And it does so with sophistication, authority, and wit.


Philanthropy Journal Feature stories follow an Editorial Calendar highlighting the great work happening around the globe. Each month we focus on a different topic of relevance to the global conversations that impact our communities.

Our Resource articles, which publish every other week, provide tools and new understanding for our audiences to be better informed, better practitioners and supporters of this work.

Our Nonprofit News digests publish each Monday, offering a finger on the pulse of great work happening each week.

Opinion pieces publish on a monthly basis, as they are received.

Resources, News and Opinions are not required to follow the Editorial Calendar topic schedule.

We welcome story ideas from our dedicated readers as well as guest submissions by writers who focus on topics of relevance to the nonprofit sector. Please review our submission guidelines.

PJ’s current Editorial Calendar can be found here.

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