Letter from the Editor – Reboot

Jan 3, 2022 | Features, Opinion

It is our intention to inspire people around the world to become philanthropologists. We are creating a movement. We are excited to be creating it with you!

Welcome back!

First of all, I would like to take a moment and thank all of our champions and supporters; to those of you who have reached out during our hiatus and checked in; to those of you who have shared in our excitement throughout the process of bringing PJ back. We know this work is meaningful; we know this work is important, because YOU have told us. We’re honored to reboot the Philanthropy Journal with your continued support!

In this new iteration of PJ, we are building upon our 30+ year foundation of sharing news and stories by taking a bolder stance in the content we offer. We continue to define “philanthropy” as the love of humanity, and in this reboot we are expanding our offerings to include more voices of those who may not be traditionally considered philanthropists. This is reflected in our revised Editorial Calendar in which we move away from organizing content by mission area, and instead focus on topics relevant to the global conversation.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of engaging in incredible conversations with people from all walks of life around what caring for their communities means. These conversations inspire me; they reinvigorate my enthusiasm for this work. We need to be talking to one another. We need to hear and be heard. The ideas that are shared are often ones that are not part of the traditional narrative, and as such they help to build new understandings of ourselves, of each other, and of philanthropy. New to PJ, we will be curating such conversations in our Opinion section.

Even more exciting is the launch of Philanthropologist – our new quarterly print magazine that will offer a deep dive into different geographic regions around the world and the changemakers who are doing good there. PJ has long been a global publication, and we are diligently working to engage more global perspectives in the dialogue. Each issue will explore a different corner of the globe, sharing stories and opinions from those who live and work in these areas in order to inspire our audiences to be more engaged and better informed philanthropologists.

As we reflect on our own evolution as a publication, this month we are highlighting stories of change in our Feature story theme “Reboot.” Change is necessary for survival. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do in the nonprofit sector. Over the past two years, people around the globe have been forced to change, to be nimble, to adjust. Throughout January, we will be sharing some of these stories of people who have come out better for it.

It is our intention to inspire people around the world to become philanthropologists. We are creating a movement. We are excited to be creating it with you!

With gratitude,

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